Instructions for joining the Telugu Songs Web Ring

1. Complete and submit the form provided at the end of this page

2. Get your site ID (will be emailed to you)

3. Copy the code below (between the two lines) and paste into your main page which has to be added to the ring


<table border=3 cellpadding=3>

<tr> <td valign="top">

<a href=""><img src="" width=500 height=60 border=0></a>


<tr> <td>

<p align="center">This<a href=""> Telugu Songs</a> site is owned by <a href="mailto:--email--">--Name--</a>.<br>

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Replace the following variables in the code with your information

--email-- your email address
--Name-- your name
--id-- your site ID (supplied to you after submitting the page)

4. The ring master will visit your site and only after finding the above code would add your site to the ring

5. Thank you for joining the web ring. Please fill the following form and submit your site (replace the contents in the fields with relevant information).

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